Elk Grove Patch Gets New Editor

I'm leaving for a new job—but I won't be going far.

Dear Readers:

Goodbyes are often difficult, and this one is no exception. So I’ll just take a deep breath and dive right in.

Starting next week, I will no longer be editor of Elk Grove Patch. I’m moving on to a new job as Patch’s Associate Regional Editor for the Sacramento area. My colleague , the current editor of Rosemont Patch, will replace me as editor here in Elk Grove.

It’s been a year and a half since . You, Elk Grovians, have been my guide to this place through and , and . I continue to be amazed by your generosity, your enthusiasm for the site and your willingness to answer my many questions.

In , Elk Grove Patch has covered stories no one else has touched, from to planning commissioners’ debates about . We’ve also had fun, celebrating local artists and business owners and . And I've learned a few things about myself along the way—.

Many of our most interesting recent stories have come from reader tips. This site has always been less about me, the editor, and more about you, the community—all of you who view and comment on stories, blog, share story ideas, and post photos and events.

The good news—at least, I hope you’ll see it as good news!—is that I’m not going anywhere, really. As a team leader responsible for all Sacramento-area Patch sites, I’ll be working closely with Cody to help Elk Grove Patch better serve you. You’ll still see my byline on the site from time to time, and you can continue to reach me at Felicia.mello@patch.com and follow me on Twitter at @SacramentoPatch.

As for Cody, I cannot think of a single person better-suited to be the new editor of Elk Grove Patch. A former city government reporter for the Elk Grove Citizen, Cody knows this community well. When I first started in Elk Grove, he’d often shoot me emails with news tips and ideas: “Have you seen this? You might want to check it out.”

Cody is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento and a sharp writer. He's also a whiz with graphics, photos and video, which I think will bring a fresh sensibility to the site.

Please help him feel at home, as you did me, and feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you and seeing you on the streets of the Grove, a place I have come to love. Thank you so much for your support of Elk Grove Patch.

Felicia Mello May 18, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Thanks, everyone! It's wonderful to hear from all of you. I'll miss editing Elk Grove Patch, but as I said in the column, I hope to not miss you all TOO much as I'll still be around in my new role.
Felicia Mello May 18, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Me, too. I would be honored to finally meet the mysterious M. Legison!
Elizabeth Pinkerton May 18, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Felicia........ you will always be part of Elk Grove!!! We will miss you in this position, but Cody will be great!.... Keep in touch and good luck in your new venture... Elizabeth Pinkerton
Felicia Mello May 19, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Thanks, Elizabeth!
Amanda May 19, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Get ready Elk Grove, Cody is the best writer Patch has!


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