Peering Into The Shadows With Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations

An Elk Grove group goes ghost-hunting. We tag along.

Unemployed former exterminator Judy Raderchak heads up Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations. If you’re hearing spooky clangings and voices at your home or business, they’ll show up with fancy-looking electronic equipment and check it out, free of charge.

Raderchak says she wants to give people peace of mind by helping them cope with strange events that they don’t understand.

Our intrepid camera crew followed the EGPI team as they looked into reports of a mysterious presence at the Old Sugar Mill winery complex in Clarksburg. Did they find any real ghosts? You be the judge.

Judy Raderchak April 21, 2011 at 05:40 PM
For more information about our group visit our website at elkgroveparanormalinvestigations.com Thank you! Judy Raderchak EGPI


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