Tree Will Be Planted in Memory of Zoey Hammond Saturday

19-month-old Zoey Hammond passed away after falling into a backyard pool in early June.


A tree planting will take place this Saturday in memory of Zoey Hammond, the 19-month-old girl who fell into a backyard pool in early June. The planting will happen at 1 p.m. at Adam Feickert Park. Zoey's mother, Amber Hammond, shared the following on the Zoey Hammond Facebook page Wednesday: 

The tree will be planted at 1pm. It is meant to bring comfort to us and grieving friends and family members who have also experienced this loss of Zoey with us.

Planning for the tree started shortly after Zoey passed away by Kathy McDonald and Kathy Kalpakgian. The CSD will plant a tree in the park in memory of Zoey. Kathy and Nancy will be providing some cupcakes for the dedication.

Our daughter Zoey Renee- Elizabeth was an amazing child. The name Zoey means life. It is rare that you can celebrate the short life of a child. It is tragic. Nothing can bring her back, but we hope this tree can provide a place of comfort.

We hope you can gather with us Saturday in the park to dedicate the new tree. WE ASK EVERYONE TO BRING A BALLOON for a balloon release in memory of Zoey and all the little ones who are gone. ♥ ♥

We have had an awesome community that supports us. We thank you all and hope you all can be a part of this. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Amber Hammond


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