Elk Grove Woman Becomes First Latina General in California National Guard

Sylvia R. Crockett will head up strategic communications for the Guard.

An Elk Grove woman Wednesday became the first Latina general officer in California National Guard history.

Brig. Gen. Sylvia R. Crockett will head up strategic communications for the state's military department, overseeing media and government relations. Gov. Jerry Brown presided over Crockett's promotion ceremony at the state capitol, as women's history month drew to a close.

"I'm very glad...that you'll be going back to our congressional delegation
and beating the drum to support the National Guard, because it has been
shortchanged with the wars that have been going on," Brown said.

Crockett said she hopes her promotion will inspires other Latinas to break the glass ceiling.

"With the amount of Hispanic people in California, it's a great opportunity
to serve in a position that in many ways will serve as an example for many
young women and men in the Latino or Latina community to realize that they
too can reach the top," Crockett said in a statement.

Brigadier general is the first of four ranks within the general officer category, the highest position a National Guard officer can attain.

Crockett also has a combat role as assistant division commander for the Guard's 40th infantry division.

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Dick Richard March 29, 2012 at 12:44 PM
nice to see diversity is more important than real experience...a Personnel Officer who has never deployed and spent her entire career as a State HQ staffer has now become an Asst Division Commander and therefore a General Officer? I don't blame TAG for this one. I blame all the PC libs who forced him to make this move.
Mark Paxson March 29, 2012 at 02:22 PM
I'm guessing Mr. Richard that you would also object to all of those promotions the military hands out to white male officers during the periods between wars or other combat operations due to those officers lack of combat experience. Also, her main role is to work with the media and legislature ... doesn't exactly require "deployment" experience. Yes, she now has a role with a combat division, but it's an "assistant" role so there is clearly someone else who is in actual command of the division. And, finally, what do you base your information on that she has never "deployed" and has only served in HQ her entire career? Oh, wait, one more question ... I wonder if you know how many National Guard members, including officers, have never deployed. Without any of that information, your complaints about the PC libs are pretty meaningless.
SR. Drill Wilkins June 10, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Dick Richard your name fits you well. In the army we would call you a Duece Dick. I personall know Gen. Crokett and she deserves 4 Stars. There is a lot she has done for the military that has not been said. But most of all she is a great leader and mentor for the enlisted men and women. So unless you wanna back the BS your talking "Shut the Hell Up" Senior Drill Sergeant Wilkins


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