Police: Missing Man May be Armed and Suicidal

Jeffrey Ried went missing Thursday.

Elk Grove officials are asking for the community's help in locating a missing man who may be suicidal and armed with a handgun.

Jeffrey Ried, 51, went missing from his home in Elk Grove sometime between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to a press release.

Police say he left behind his wallet, personal items, and a handwritten note and video "regarding his suicidal intentions."

A handgun belonging to Ried was also missing from his home, police said.

Officers searched for Ried Thursday night, but came up empty-handed. 

Ried is "described as a Caucasian male adult, 5-foot-10-inches, 180 pounds, with gray hair and green eyes," according to the press release. "At this time, there is no information available regarding the clothing he was wearing."

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the police department at 916-691-5246.


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Jack Covert January 04, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Crazy!!! So I get this email notification from Elk Grove Patch. There's an unstable dude in Elk Grove, he is missing, he's armed and he left a note behind about his "suicidal intentions". There's a nice picture on there, description, the works. So I call my kids elementary school to see if they're aware of this guy. Nope. I call the district to see if they're aware of this guy. Nope. How the hell is it that less than a month after Sandy Hook we don't have this guys picture in every single school lobby and cops patrolling the schools during school hours? This is a total failure of the EG police department and the EG Unified School District! Now that I've notified the district police I'm going to give them 45 minutes to get the information out and then I'm going to call each and every school to see if they're aware. Crazy!!
Jack Covert January 04, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Either the school district didn't think this was important enough to at least alert the schools that this guy is out and about or there is a flaw in the system. I'm a parent and if there is information about somebody who might be walking around Elk Grove with a gun and is considering suicide, I'd like my the area schools notified in case he shows up. I called every single elementary school in Elk Grove that is part of the school district (and open) - 13 schools. Not a single one of them had heard of this guy! Batey nothing Butler nothing Carroll nothing Raymond Case nothing Elitha Donner nothing John Ehrhardt nothing Foulks Ranch nothing Arlene Hein nothing Roy Herburger nothing Barbara Comstock Morse nothing Joseph Sims nothing - didn't want to know the website to see his picture. "I'll let the district make that decision on if it's important or not" Stone Lake nothing Irene B. West nothing
C.B. Schwartz January 06, 2013 at 05:35 AM
Unstable. Owns a gun. What is wrong with this picture?
Julie N. January 06, 2013 at 08:37 AM
EGPD knew the actual details of this sad and devasting tragedy.....please show some respect to the family who lost a husband and father and not assume the media report is the "whole story". This man was my friend and will be dearly missed by many.
C Topher January 06, 2013 at 07:52 PM
I could not agree with Julie N more. This Jack person is completely irresponsible and EG Patch needs to actually remove his comments. Both EGPD and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department who oversee EG Schools had the real information and KNEW no one at any school was exposed to danger and had done their homework. It is so very sad that this type of person can play "cop" and protector of the world when others actually have to work from information which can not be shared. How much anyone want to bet this Jack C person sends an actually apology to all he bothered. Don't because he will not. Hey Jack Man...do you actually know that Law Enfocement can Ping Cell phones and tell where folk are? Opps of course you don't because you think reading news gives you permission to call schools and make them fearful. Shame on you
GC January 07, 2013 at 12:59 AM
My condolences to Jeff's family. I worked with Jeff and can say he was a good person.
Jack Covert January 07, 2013 at 03:34 AM
Hey C. I called the district police - they had no idea who this guy was. He was looking at patch when I called him. I called the city police, they sent EGUSD a flier with a picture. Hey C. Did you know if you're planning on going to a public place and doing something bad you can put your cell phone down so you can't be tracked (everybody knows you can be tracked). My condolences to the family, that's a real tragedy. That being said, having a picture of an armed and suicidal person in a school lobby seems like cheap insurance to me and should be standard policy. If people look out a little more maybe some of these sort of things can be prevented in the future.


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