Predict Who Will Win the 2012 Presidential Election: Obama or Romney?

Now that the Democratic and Republican delegates have officially chosen their nominees at their conventions, Patch wants to know: Who are you betting on?

It's official: With President Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Charlotte Thursday night, both the Republicans and Democrats have formally chosen their nominees for the 2012 presidential election. Let the real race begin.

A lot can change between now and Nov. 6: Gaffes, scandals or even major international news events could shift the dynamics of the campaign.

The latest Gallup Polls show registered voters preferring Obama to Mitt Romney by just one percentage point, 47 percent to 46 percent. A USA Today/Gallup poll taken just before the party conventions found American voters think Obama is more likeable, but trust Romney more to handle the economy.

Feel like putting some real money on the election? Before Obama's big speech Thursday night, Ladbrokes reckoned the odds of an Obama victory at 4-11 and a Romney win at 2-1. The odds of a tie in the Electoral College are 100-1, according to the venerable betting house. Those, by the way, are the same chances that the London bookmakers are giving a Ron Paul presidential victory in 2016. 

Patch wants to know: Regardless of who you support for President, who do you think will actually claim victory in November?

Vote in our poll below, and let us know your reasoning in the comments.

Bwood November 01, 2012 at 04:38 PM
" I know people who can't work because of medical reasons and the government makes it so hard to get approved for disability…" babygirl, let me tell you - this was going on LONG before Obama was elected. I personally went through this in the '90's. It was and still is standard procedure to have to hire a lawyer in order to get approved. Get a clue before you start flapping your gums.
Bwood November 01, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Here's a perfect example why Romney doesn't qualify as a leader. While Obama is trying to do something constructive in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, all Romney can do is continue to bash away at his efforts. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/01/us-usa-campaign-romney-idUSBRE89T1CK20121101
kimberly November 05, 2012 at 11:51 PM
i think obama should get his last 4 years because he couldnt do everything he said he would do in 3.5 years you need more time and he said '' he not perfect but he will do what he can''.... GO OBAMA........ NOT ROMNEY ONLY CARES ABOUT 47% OF AMERCIANS
ralph November 06, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Lets Go OBAMA 4 more years please.
Mark Gold November 06, 2012 at 05:40 PM
I suspect that it will likely be a close race for the presidency this year. The important thing is to get out there and vote. Your vote is your voice and your right as an American citizen.


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