Elk Grove Teen Who Murdered Father Gets 25 Years to Life

DeWitt’s aunt, Jacqueline DeWitt called her nephew "a walking time bomb,” according to the Elk Grove Citizen.

20-year-old Elk Grove resident Darrell Alvin DeWitt, who was found guilty of murdering his father with an axe inside their old town Elk Grove apartment, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.  

At the sentencing, DeWitt’s aunt, Jacqueline DeWitt called her nephew "a walking time bomb,” according to the Elk Grove Citizen. DeWitt said he was sorry for all he had done. 

DeWitt, who was a teenager at the time of the crime, lived with his brother and father,  In September of 2011, the father and son argued and the father told the younger Darrell DeWitt that he would have to move out.

"After having the other brother leave the apartment, the defendant proceeded to brutally attack his father with a double-bladed ‘battle’ axe while he was seated and resting in his bedroom," the district attorney's office said in a press release. "The defendant then went about his business and partied inside the apartment for 30 hours before admitting to his brother the next evening that he had killed his father."

When police arrived on the scene, the younger DeWitt "stabbed himself multiple times," the press release states.

The younger DeWitt waived his right to a jury trial, and was found guilty of premeditated and deliberated murder by Judge Marjorie Koller, according to the press release.

DMS November 27, 2012 at 07:45 PM
He will be someone's girlfriend when he goes to State Prison. Fresking Pycho!
John November 27, 2012 at 11:44 PM
This sort of thing never used to happen in Elk Grove?


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