Here's Where All of the Red Light Cameras Are in Elk Grove (MAP)

City officials say the cameras are "an important step to improve the safety and flow of local traffic in our community."


Elk Grove's red-light camera system went into effect in late 2007, with a few new cameras having been installed since then. City officials say the cameras are "an important step to improve the safety and flow of local traffic in our community."

In a poll last year, we asked whether you thought the cameras are used as safety devices or moneymakers. (View the results here). 

Regardles of how you feel, the cameras exist in Elk Grove. The City makes all of the red light camera locations available on their website, which we've shared with you below: 

  • Elk Grove Florin Road and Bond Road
  • Elk Grove Blvd. and Bruceville Rd
  • Laguna Boulevard and Franklin Boulevard
  • Laguna Boulevard and Bruceville Road
  • Laguna Boulevard and Laguna Springs Drive

Here are the major news updates that have to do with the cameras: 

03/27/2012:  Red Light Camera Begins Operations
06/11/2012:  Red Light Camera Goes Live
05/13/2010:  New Red Camera Light Begins Operation
04/23/2009:  Red Light Camera Goes Live
03/20/2009:  Third Red Light Camera Begins Operation

The City also answers these frequently asked questions: 

EGResident95624 January 30, 2013 at 04:00 PM
If you notice, municipalities are focused on revenue, not safety and enforcing the law. If you call the police they only respond to felonies and have you go on-line and complete a report, which they do nothing with, for misdemeanors. My car has twice been kicked and vandalized and my family threatened, while present, by teenage thugs at Chick-Fil-A only to have zero response from the police... but I have a police report to file an insurance claim for the insurance I pay for. Instead they know that most of us getting a ticket at that red light, which is about $400.00, is absolutely collectable from all of us working citizens but expending any effort to stop teenage kids for vandalism and threats does not raise any revenue. Law enforcement is a business... they need money and the only place they get is from the ordinary citizens.
Elk Grove Veteran January 30, 2013 at 09:18 PM
Agreed. The red light cameras are all about money, and absolutely nothing to do with safety. If they wanted to make a particular intersection safer, they would increase the yellow light time. When a city installs a camera, they are under contract, not allowed to change the yellow light time. The camera company gets a portion of the revenue, and the city gets the rest. One could argue that by not allowing a change in yellow light time when needed, that red light cameras actually make an intersection more dangerous. This is just a theory, but I would love to see some data on the number of accidents after a camera is installed vs. before. None the less, cameras are for profit and not safety.
EGResident95624 January 31, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Great point... another great idea is why don't they just delay the other light from turning green for a few seconds to prevent anyone from entering the intersection. A 2-3 second delay would truly make it safer. But again, not about safety, it is about money.
Jim February 01, 2013 at 05:40 AM
Every motorist needs to know about Snitch Tickets, the fake/phishing red light camera tickets sent out by the police to bluff the registered owner into identifying the actual driver of the car. (In NorCal, Citrus Hts, Daly City, Elk Grove, Hayward, Marysville, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Modesto, Newark, Redding, San Mateo, San Leandro, South SF and Stockton use them.) Snitch Tickets have not been filed with the court, so they don't say "Notice to Appear," don't have the court's addr. and phone #, and usually say (on the back, in small letters), "Do not contact the court about this notice." Since they have NOT been filed with the court, they have no legal weight whatsoever. You can ignore a Snitch Ticket. If in doubt, Google the term.
Jeff Cohn February 11, 2013 at 11:09 PM
If you want to see a map of red light cameras in the surrounding Sacramento area look at http://www.photoenforced.com/sacramento.html


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