Ice Rink Will Open in Elk Grove After All

An ice skating rink will open in Old Town Elk Grove this winter.

First it was coming, then it wasn't. Now it's back on.

An ice skating rink will open in Old Town Elk Grove on Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, the city announced Friday.

"Rob Porter, the owner of Ice Unlimited, and City Manager Laura S. Gill have signed the contract for the Ice Skating Rink as approved by the City Council at its meeting of October 24," city spokeswoman Christine Brainerd said in an email. "The terms of the contract are substantially the same and provides for the ice rink to be open to the public on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 at the City’s Old Town property."

The property is located just south of Elk Grove Boulevard, near the railroad tracks, and was recently purchased by the city from Union Pacific Railroad.

The ice rink will be open until Jan. 21, and tickets will be $11 for adults and $9.50 for children.

Elk Grove City Council Member Gary Davis, who said last week he was hopeful the deal could be saved, expressed relief Friday.

"I'm excited about the life it's going to bring to Old Town this winter," Davis said.

Click here for information on how the city will split the ticket revenue with Ice Unlimited.


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On Ice LLC November 04, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Its unfortunate the City did not put this out to RFP. We run skating rinks in the bay area under a much different arrangement. Cities need only provide the land and the necessary power hook ups, we assume all financial risk. The likelyhood that this rink will do 29,000 skaters is not very good.
Matt November 04, 2012 at 05:55 PM
My hope is that this rink at least exposes the Elk Grove community to the need for a real Ice Sports Complex in Elk Grove. Elk Grove is missing a prime opportunity, I believe for several reasons: 1. With Stockton Thunder only 30 miles away, there is a large amount of fans that have become hooked on hockey in the EGand surrounding areas, not to mention the number of Bay Area transplants that are huge SJ Sharks fans and had kids playing hockey there. 2. The next closest rink is in Roseville (which is so impacted by Sacramento and Elk Grove particpants that they are open almost 24 hours a day). They pretty much have the monopoly on ice rinks in the Greater Sacramento area. I play hockey there and we have 4 of our players commuting from Elk Grove to play...this is the case with many other teams. 3. Aside from Wackford, I really can't think of any other daily "recreational sports" activities in Elk Grove. Kings skate doesn't count as it is in the town of Franklin and does not contribute to our community. 4. Elk Grove is known for its high involvement in sports...every sports organization (soccer, swimming, baseball, and yes even LaCrosse) in Elk Grove is thriving...I think an Ice Complex that supports figure skating, ice hockey, potentially curling, and recreations skating would thrive. I am very passionate about bringing a rink to Elk Grove, but it has fallen on deaf ears...our perhaps the wrong ears. Just curious what those on this thread think about the idea.
Elk Grove Laguna Forums November 04, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Matt, an ice rink has to be a privately run enterprise. If there is a demand for it then someone should open one, not the city. I am sure there is some demand. I know families who go to Roseville. Is there enough to keep it open? Of course Roseville is packed. Doesn't mean one in Elk Grove will be packed.
Elk Grove Laguna Forums November 04, 2012 at 08:26 PM
As far as this rink, I think it's good for the citizens as an amenity but not sure it's good for the tax payers. After its done I hope they give a full and complete accounting. As far as it helping Old Town, I'm sorry but that should no longer be the focus of the city. There is really not enough there to sustain interest. For events like First Saturday, the city has to bring in entertainment and vendors because there is not enough there. Can someone name 5 reasons to go to Old Town? Boulevard Bistro, it's not really Old Town. It may be in the SPA but it's separate. Brickhouse restaurant and the Chinese restaurant. Embellish and Pomegranate - both cute stores with gifts for women. There's a guitar store and other little stores. Besides that what is down there? Can anyone say they would take their family down there and walk around? I have two boys. They don't want to go to Embellish. There is zero entertainment. Zero to draw people to come down there. Sorry if being negative is not cool but we need to be honest. Hiding the truth will not help Old Town. By now enough of Elk Grove knows what is there and most don't care. The ice rink will benefit the merchants there, guarantee it. Some people will spend money there. Once it's gone so will the people unless you have something else down there to bring them in.
Tom Brown November 04, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Ice Sports Complex? Kidding right?


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