Mayor Krovoza Makes His Endorsements

Do you agree with Davis's Mayor?

Mayor Joe Krovoza made his endorsements public this weekend. You can read them below in bullet point format.

Will you be voting similarly, or do you disagree? Do endorsements mean anything to you? 

  • School Board.  Janet and I are excited to support Nancy Peterson and Alan [Fernandes].  They will serve with distinction.  Here’s our short letter to the editor that may run soon in the Enterprise (in print or on-line).
  • YES on E.  The value of quality K-12 education in Davis changes lives daily and brings so many benefits to our city. Our votes for our schools are recognized far and wide as reflecting an exceptional community commitment to public education.  Let’s keep it up; the economy is clearly improving and we must ensure that the next generation meets every ounce of its potential.
  • YES on 30.  Balanced approach to keeping California golden.
  • NO on 32.  Not the right move for campaign funding reform.
  • YES on 34.  End the death penalty, most ineffective and expensive law to survive way too long in California.
  • YES on 39.  Important for clean energy – and it’s getting overlooked, so I’ll give it love here.


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