What Will Elk Grove Build in the Next 5 Years?

The Elk Grove City Council is scheduled to discuss next year's budget at a meeting Wednesday night. Included in that budget is nearly $80 million in planned construction projects.

The Elk Grove City Council will have the chance to approve next year's city budget at a meeting Wednesday, but the 200-page document looks forward much further than one year.

The proposed city budget () also includes a Capital Improvement Program from 2012 to 2017; it includes all the major construction projects the city expects to undertake between now and then.

Only projects with a cost of more than $250,000 and a lifespan of more than 10 years are included, and the specific costs of the developments are expected to change, according to the budget document.

Here are some of the major projects Elk Grove expects to undertake between now and 2017. Not included in this list are projects named in the budget document as already in progress and not needing future funds.

Project Total cost Priority Accessibility improvements: add curb ramps, improve sidewalks $2 million "Must do" and "should do" Annual pavement resurfacing $14.6 million "Should do" Bicycle and walking trail improvements $11.4 million "Should do" and "could do" $5.7 million (most funded by a federal grant) "Could do" project $38.3 million "Should do" Maintain, upgrade and expand the city's truck yard $3.8 million "Should do" and "could do" Landscaping in East Franklin $12.4 million "Must do," "should do" and "could do" 1,800-foot sound wall on East Stockton Boulevard $1.5 million "Should do" Realign, widen, add turn lanes and a signal at Elk Grove-Florin Road and East Stockton Boulevard $1.3 million "Should do" Widen Grant Line Road from New Waterman Road to Mosher Road (and design a future phase) $6.1 million "Should do" Horseshoe Park: Build a neighborhood park at Denali Circle $3.5 million "Should do" Engineering and environmental work for future expansion of I-5 and Elk Grove Boulevard interchange $250,000 "Could do" (placed on hold due to insufficient funds) Island Park: Build a neighborhood park at Bonito Circle $1.3 million "Should do" Environmental study and engineering of Kammerer Road extension to Hood Franklin $32.9 million "Could do" Connect Dino Drive with Kent and Webb streets $1.3 million "Could do" Various drainage repairs $14.8 million "Must do" and "should do" $1.4 million "Could do" Build a household hazardous waste collection center $10.3 million "Must do" Various speed control programs (speed humps, speed tables, signs and stripes) $919,000 "Could do" Storybrook Woods Park: Build a neighborhood park near Hatherton Way and Del Webb Boulevard $1 million "Should do" Various traffic controls (new signals, signs, turn lanes, etc.) $4.5 million "Should do" Various minor traffic improvement programs $375,000 "Could do" Build a vehicle turnout in front of Franklin High School $360,000 "Should do"


Elk Grove City Council meeting
6 p.m. Wednesday
8400 Laguna Palms Way


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