Gallery: Student Posters for 'No Excuses – Go to School' Campaign

Elk Grove students honored for their posters encouraging school attendance.

Twelve Elk Grove Unified School District students are being honored for their posters encouraging their classmates to show up each day. 

The posters promote the district's attendance campaign, "No Excuses – Go to School," and will be used for future district communications and at events. A press release from the district follows:

2012/2013 No Excuses – Go to School Attendance Poster Contest Winners 

The winners of the 2012/2013 No Excuses – Go to School Poster Contest have been announced.  The No Excuses – Go to School poster contest showcases student-created art that illustrates rhymes about going to school.  Students were invited to create a picture on an entry form that reflects an assigned rhyme.  Principals selected the most compelling artwork and forwarded it to the district office.  The Superintendent’s Cabinet selected the top 12 posters.  The posters will be used for the attendance campaign in district communications and events. 

The following students were the winners of the 12 poster themes:

  • Stubbed your toe?  You’ve still got to go.
    Megan Weng, Robert J. Fite Elementary School

  • Woke up late?  School won’t wait.
    Elvis Xiong, Arthur C. Butler Elementary School

  • Feeling tired?  School’s required.
    Michaela Lee, Franklin Elementary School

  • Vacation near?  We want you here.
    Khalilah Matthews, Cosumnes River Elementary School

  • Bad hair?  We want you there.
    Lina Her, Helen Carr Castello Elementary School

  • Weather great?  Don’t be late.
    Rebecca Awuah, Stone Lake Elementary School

  • Attend and achieve?  You will succeed.
    Shenn Xiong,
     Harriet Eddy Middle School

  • Fashion’s a flop?  School doesn’t stop.
    Kaylah Ball, Joseph Kerr Middle School

  • Dreaming of fresh snow?  You’ve still got to go.
    Monica Cha, James Rutter Middle School

  • Rather sleep in?  Think again.
    Gina Geissinger, Cosumnes Oaks High School

  • Test today? Don’t delay.
    Alisa Porter-Sono, Cosumnes Oaks High School

  • Missed your ride?  Don’t let school slide.
    Marianne Meyersohn, Laguna Creek High School

These students will be formally recognized at the EGUSD Board of Education meeting at 7 p.m. on December 4. 

The No Excuses – Go to School attendance campaign is centered around the theme of “responsibility” to promote the importance of consistent school attendance.  The program is an outreach approach to parents and community members through school newsletter articles, press releases, letters home, posters, flyers and incentive contests. 


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