More Hilarious 'If I Were President' Answers from Elk Grove Kids

From increased funding for NASA to laws to punish bullying with prison time, more Elk Grove students say what they would do if they were president.

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Banned homework, 50-cent gallons of gas, structures built from marshmallows: Bold political ideas proposed by Elk Grove elementary school students.

Responses to Elk Grove Patch's question, "What would you do if you were president?" poured in from local elementary school students this week. Click here to read part 1 of their answers; more responses are below:

Elk Grove Elementary School  

Kimberly McHale’s Class (3rd Grade)

  • “If I was presidents of the United States of America, I would make sure that taxes aren’t so high.  Next I would make sure that nobody liters in our state.  Another is that nobody is drinking and driving. I would love to be president of the United States of America.” – Latalia
  • “If I were president, first I would have no homework on Monday and Friday.  Last, I wouldn’t give that much homework at school.” – Matthew
  • “If I was president, I would make everything made out of orange hello and marshmallow.  I would also make electricity free and I would buy my own Palomino and paint a saddle, lead rope, reigns, bridle and barn.” – Elizabeth
  • “If I was the president of the USA, the first thing I would do is make the world a better place.” – Brian
  • “If I was president, the first thing I would do is practice my speeches at home.  I would also make everybody a free poster of me in any color they want.” – Hana

Elk Grove Elementary School 

Teresa Harwood’s Class (5th Grade)

  • “If I were to be elected President, I would do many things.  I would help the economy, make more jobs and give more money for schools.  I would not make a law that goes against what women can and cannot do.  I do not want to make the elderly seniors pay more, but less.  College is also a big issue.  I would first make people pay less for college because it’s getting too expensive.  I’d be able to help NASA get more money to do more experiments.  Finally, I would have everyone start to ride bikes because this air we breathe is getting polluted.  But the very first thing I would do is get all of the countries to sign a treaty so there will be no wars, hatred or segregation.” – Ruth
  • “If I was the president, I would first help the states or countries that are in need of food, water, clothing and shelter.  That way, they can live a better life.  Also, I would build a hospital for them to be healthy.  First I would bring the wasted food to the states or countries that need food.  Then I would put on a commercial about the people who have clothes that are small and don’t wear to donate to Sleep Train, then send the clothes to the states or countries that need it.  Then I will hire people to build buildings for the people who need it that lost their homes.  Next, the other things that I didn’t think of helping the states and countries that need food, shelter and water is I would give money to the animals all over the world.  Then I would buy toys for them.  That way, they can have fun.  After that I would adopt two dogs and one cat. Finally, I would help the homeless.  I would give lots of food and some awesome clothes.  Then shelter for them to sleep in.  After that, a job for them to get money to buy stuff.  That is what I will do if I was president of the USA!  That way, everything on the planet is healthy.  Also, the world would be clean and not trashed.” – Chloe-Anne (did not draw a picture)
  • “If I was president, I would help more on shelter for big families with kids.  Also, the homeless shelter I would donate more instated of waiting for someone to donate.  Last, I would try to help people who are having trouble finding jobs.  The very last thing I would do is try to find something to stop the cutting down of trees.” – Felicity
  • “If I were president, this is what I would do.  First I would give money to poor people or people that don’t have homes.  Then I would give water to people that don’t have any. I would also help the environment by planting more trees or have a green day when everyone goes green.” – Isaac
  • “If I was the president, I would do a lot of things.  One thing I would do is lower the gas prices to 50 cents.  Another thing I would do is for the banks to stop charging lots of money.  Another thing I would do is to make people stop texting while driving or doing something.  I think there should not be texting in the world.  The last thing I would do is make people have jobs and stop them from getting laid off.  Those are the things I would do if I was president.” – Forrest

Cosumnes River Elementary School:

Jodi Boyle's Class (3rd Grade)

  • “If I was president, the first thing I would do is have a new law that there would be no bullying!  If anyone disobeyed my law, they would go to prison.  They would have to pass a hard, difficult test.  If he/she didn’t want to do the test, they would have to spend one hundred days in jail.  Then they would have to leave the continent forever and never return.” – Ben


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